Ceirog Studios are...

Colin Staples - Producer / Animator

I always loved playing games as a young lad and always dreamed I would make a game, but never had the chance. Until I met the awesome talented artist Richard Williams, working together for a printing company.
After leaving the print industry and staying in contact with Richard, I decided to ask the Ultimate question "Do you want to make a game?"
As luck would have it Richard said yes & with the help of his bro-in-law Geoff Johnson who is an awesome programmer, the three of us put our heads together and started to make games for the love of it, in our free time.
In the meantime I am working as cleaner.
My interests involve a lot of indie games, swimming, spending time with my loved ones.
OH! and having a good pint of beer and a pizza !

Geoff Johnson - Programming

I was born towards the end of 1970 and guided by my dad to a love of all things technical. Home computers hit the mainstream just as I was old enough to appreciate them so I started with a Sinclair Spectrum. Though I played pretty much every game going, I spent most of my time programming. Years ago I got a job at Red Box Recorders as a junior programmer, where I spent nearly 18 years.
Richard who created the excellent graphics is my partner's brother so I've known him as long as I can remember. Colin was introduced to me last year after he and richard had come up with the idea of Maxx Manic. I came on board over a pint and, despite having never programmed for android, agreed to take on the programming role.
I still enjoy programming, hacking things to do what they were never intended to do, playing computer games and drinking beer.

Richard Williams - Graphics

I have always had a great passion for art, design & being creative. I love cartoons and drawing caricatures of people. But never had the chance to express myself until now. Making games is my real passion. I am a big gamer & always comment on game graphics. I met colin in the printing industry where our friendship began, it wasn't until a few years later when Colin asked me to make games with him. At which point I jumped at the chance. From then on I have designed all the games & this site.
I am currently working in the construction industry, but would love to design games full time!
We would love all the support we could get so play our games & enjoy.
We hope to bring you more entering fun in the future.

Kevin Smith - 3D Modeller / Stuff

I've been a fan of video games since I played the Centipede on the Atari 2600 when I was 6. I've been addicted ever since. Everything from Spectrum ZX to the Mega Drive to my X-Box's today. I had been in the video game industry about 20 years ago working with a team to create demo disc for peripherals back in the late 90's. I left to follow other opportunities in other industries. Excited to get back into it, Richard decided to bring me in as the newest addition to the Ceirog team as additional support for the growing needs. 3D modelling seems to be my niche now and whatever else I can turn my hand to. I'm a quiet guy with strong family ties and I could be described as straight edge by some. Our projects are my passion.